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Our next board meeting will be Thursday Nov 20th at 6:15pm for an executive session at the Firehouse.


Do not park in the fire house parking area. Parking needs to be either on the street or at the history center.

Web Site Updated 11/18/2014

“ The only way we can build a school is if the entire community gives. Gives till it hurts a little bit. In time, money or both.”

We raised over $409,000 in pledges.

The IRS has granted us 501(c)3 non-profit status. You may view our letter of acceptance at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7sjl-tPHEi9SG0wMmEwYlFYZk0/edit?usp=sharing

We will be appealing to the Oregon State Board of Education and we are confident that the Board of Education will approve our proposal.

The date and location of our appeal hearing is October 23rd, Salem OR.
This is the next step in our progression to open our public charter school. We anticipated the district's denial of our proposal to open a public charter school within the district. The hearing in October will allow us to present a case to the State Board of Education. We could use your help/support as we prepare for this hearing.
How can you help?

  1. Help spread the word:
    Spread the word among your friends in the community. I suspect many folks are not fully aware of our efforts or what we are attempting to accomplish. For example, recently I had a conversation with someone who believed that if we are able to open our charter school taxes will be raised. That is not accurate. A public charter school has no ability to levy taxes.

    A letter to the editor of the Cannon Beach Gazette, the Seaside Signal or the Daily Astoria, explaining why you believe our public charter school would benefit the parents in our school district would be very helpful. Or simply spread the word among your friends in the community.

Unfortunately, the delay caused by our revising our proposal has made it impossible for us to open this fall. However, we plan to open our public charter school in September of 2015.

Please consider a pledge to our school. And consider a "multi-year" foreknowledge example, if you are inclined to pledge $3000 towards our goal, a pledge of $1000/year for three years would be very helpful.
Note that pledges are not effective until the charter is approved...so no need to send any money until we have permission to begin our school.

You can make your pledges online by choosing one of the items below: